Weevil Away Repels Weevils Roaches Moths Safe Organic Non-Toxic Repellent
Organic Weevil Repellent - Repels weevils with no pesticides
Special Formula Repels Weevils Repellent for Roaches Pantry Moths Moth Repeller

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Weevil Away Scent Pad Keeps the Weevils Away!
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Weevil Away is 100% organic, natural and specially formulated to repel weevils, roaches and pantry moths.

Weevil Away is safe to use near food and food storage areas. No rinsing is necessary. No pesticides are used in Weevil Away

Weevil Away has a pleasant aroma from the organic mix of bay, spruce and mint oils

Weevil Away keeps the weevils at bay!

A weevil infestation can be frustrating and downright disgusting. The resilient little insects can bore their way through paper and plastic containers to lay their eggs inside your pantry foods.

The tiny bugs can infest your grains, flour and cereal in just a matter of days. Weevil Away is a specially formulated solution that repels these tiny pests and keeps them away.

Weevil Away is 100% organic and safe to use around food and food storage areas. The leaf scent pads can be applied to any cupboard, drawer or food storage area to keep the weevils out. The leaf scent pads contain a concentrated 100% natural organic solution that deters the weevils but is safe to have around your food products. Weevil Away Scent Pads are easy to apply with a convenient adhesive backing.

Wipe the insides of drawers and cupboards with Weevil Away 100% organic, natural cleaning solution. No rinsing is necessary, as the solution is designed to repel the weevils and keep them from coming back. Follow up by applying one of Weevil Away's leaf scent pads to the inside of a drawer, cupboard or food storage area to keep the pests away for an extended period of time.

Weevil Away is the solution
to the weevil invasion!

Weevil Away is not a pesticide. It would not do any good to kill the weevils you see when many more are coming in on the next grocery run. Weevil Away repels the weevils and keeps them from coming, or staying, in your drawers, cupboards and food storage areas.

Weevil Away has a pleasant aroma from the organic mix of bay, spruce and mint oils.