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How do you get bugs?

Bugs, or insects, are very successful animals! They are small, hardy, and easily adapt to different climates and ecosystems. Maybe asking "How do you not get bugs?" is a better question!

Keeping food areas clean is a good start, but the bug has many ways of sneaking by even the most careful housekeeper. The weevil is a good example of this, being a tiny bug to begin with.

What Are Weevils?

How Do You Get Bugs?

Repel Roaches

Repel Pantry Moths

Food production standards usually keep bugs out of your groceries, but the weevil sometimes hitches rides inside of stored grain in larval form.

When the eggs hatch, the bugs eat your food and when they grow up they make more eggs! Much more commonly these bugs enter your home inside of commercially prepared dry pet food which has lower production standards than human foods.

Spraying down bugs and surfaces with pesticides is a short-term solution. Using the wrong pesticide or using it incorrectly to treat for bugs can make you sick, may not solve the problem, and could even make it worse by causing that bug or other bugs to become more resistant to pesticides.
Weevil Away repels common weevils such as grain weevil rice weevils flour weevils
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How do you get bugs to stay out of your cupboards and food areas?

Keep things as clean as possible, and keep all food to be stored for any length of time in air-tight containers - or in your refrigerator or freezer. Make things as uninviting for the bug as you can, and the bug will stay away...

Weevil Away repels weevils, roaches and meal moths. Organic and easy to use, Weevil Away contains no dangerous chemicals or pesticides, just things that bugs don't like!

Weevil Away Repels Weevils, Roaches and Indian Meal Moths!

Weevil Away is not a pesticide. Weevil Away repels the bugs and keeps them from coming, or staying, in your drawers, cupboards and food storage areas. Common pantry pests simply do not like being around it!

Weevil Away has a pleasant aroma from the organic mix of bay, spruce and mint oils.