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Cockroaches, one of the most familiar bugs

The all-too-familiar roach is found frequently in places where cereal and grain products are stored. There are a number of common types of roaches in North America, all of these roaches share the same fondness for the dark food storage areas in your home and kitchen.

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How to get rid of roaches in your kitchen organically

Pesticides will kill the roaches you spray, that's a given. You spray them, then they crawl off and die... What happens next? Other roaches eat them! Do they die? Maybe, maybe not. This cycle will keep going on and later generations of roaches start to become immune to the pesticide. All the while, you get to breathe in that poison and get it on your kitchen surfaces while creating a super roach species!

Roaches are attracted to food and crumbs in your kitchen. The first step in deterring roaches is to keep things clean and food storage containers air-tight! A roach is a pretty simple creature, if there's nothing for it to eat it will either die or go elsewhere looking for food.

Of course, that doesn't mean another roach isn't around the corner looking for food as well!
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Weevil Away Repels Cockroaches including the American Cockroach, German Cockroach and Palmetto Bug!

Weevil Away is not a pesticide. Weevil Away repels the bugs and keeps them from coming, or staying, in your drawers, cupboards and food storage areas. Common pantry pests simply do not like being around it!

Weevil Away has a pleasant aroma from the organic mix of bay, spruce and mint oils.